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Key Benefits for Business Roles

MPS programs are incredibly popular with HR and Learning & Development departments at Fortune 500 companies along with small and medium size businesses as they have been shown to improve retention, job satisfaction, and help individuals and teams become more productive, in turn reducing overall overhead costs. 

IT departments have used MPS Digital Fluency and Workflow Management programs to drive better adoption of new tools, reduce the risk of new software deployments, and create overall more satisfied end users within their companies. 

Sales & Marketing professionals use MPS programs to improve accountability on hitting sales forecasts, free up time in front of the customer and performing more strategic actions, and create more accurate data and processes between departments through Workflow Management. 

Finance and operations teams are routinely looking for better alignment on SOPs across the company, better data fueling forecasts and decision making, and constantly being reactive versus proactive on tasks. MPS programs. Alignment, Accountability, and Workflow Management programs have been shown to help Finance and Operations teams become more proactive, standardized on processes, and freed up to focus on more strategic tasks to help improve their company’s bottom line. 

What Others in Business Roles Have to Say About Us

“Admittedly, I was skeptical about spending 4 hours learning how to be productive… Your class was definitely worth the time investment and I will definitely be using these tools on a daily basis.”

Anonymous, Tax Consultant at Consulting Firm

“Outside of first grade reading, third grade multiplication, and high-school typing, your class yesterday proved to be one of the most beneficial and rewarding classes I have taken.”

Anonymous, Business Analyst at Finance Firm

“I can’t begin to tell you what a huge influence your coursework has had on my career. By applying your techniques, I was able to break through a promotion barrier that I had been up against for 6 years. My career took a sharp upward trajectory and I’ve gotten nothing but top reviews for more than 5 years. Our management chain has recognized me as ‘Key Talent’. All in no more than 40 hours a week. I (and my family) would like to say THANK YOU!”

Jeff McCashland, Senior Escalation Engineer at Microsoft

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