We recently polled a client to learn how they are using Microsoft Teams. Even though they’d been using Teams for over a year, 95% were still only using it for chat and virtual meetings–leaving a huge part of the functionality and power of Teams untouched.

The collaboration functionality in Teams is what will truly shift a team from being email-centric to being Teams-centric. It moves topics from getting lost in individual inboxes to becoming a transparent discussion that can build and grow.

We have 3 courses for Microsoft Teams that will move your organization into using Teams more productively:

  • Microsoft Teams Essentials – Learn what’s possible and key features and functions for being productive
  • Collaborating in Microsoft Teams – Dive into managing projects, file sharing, and collaborating effectively
  • Making Meetings More Productive Using Microsoft Teams – Transform your culture of back-to-back meetings to productive, efficient meetings with clear agendas and successful outcomes.

If your organization could use support in getting more out of Teams, reach out to us.