Given the unprecedented change we are all experiencing, we wanted to share four keys for staying productive while navigating change. We hope this is useful for you personally and professionally.

Key One: Workflow Management

Questions to Ask:

Is your high-quality to-do list current? Have you cleared your head lately? Is your projects list complete? Is your calendar blocked for time to work on your priorities?

Recommended Actions:

Block time on your calendar over the next 7 days for 4 key priority areas:

  • Email processing time (30-60 minutes per day)
  • Weekly prioritizing and planning time (30-60 minutes once a week)
  • Strategic next action focus time (daily as needed)
  • Well-being focus time (daily as needed)

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Key Two: Alignment

Questions to Ask:

Is your team aligned on the “right” things to focus on and get done? How have your priorities shifted in the last 6 weeks and is everyone on the team pointed in the right direction?

Recommended Action:

Have each team member share their top 4 priorities, over email or on your next meeting. This not only brings visibility to what everyone is working on, but gives you an opportunity to course correct.

Key Three: Digital Fluency

Questions to Ask:

How well equipped are you for working virtually? Are you fluent in all of the new tools you’ve adopted recently? Where are you spending more time than you need to because you’re not fluent in the tool?

Recommend Action:

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Key Four: Well-Being

Questions to Ask:

How well are you taking care of yourself? Do you feel energized or depleted working from home? Are you moving enough? Are you staying hydrated?

Recommended Actions:

Studies show being even slightly dehydrated can affect our productivity significantly. A good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces per day.

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We hope these tips are useful for you. We wish you health and abundance.