Using Microsoft Outlook to Create a Powerful Partnership with Your Manager
Vickie Sokol Evans (RedCape) Interview Executive Producctivity Consultant, Jennifer Wilmoth (McGhee Productivity Solutions) 
Published in Executive Secretary Magazine - July 2017

Vickie: Jennifer, I’ve been a fan of Take Back Your Life (TBYL) for over ten years now. I’m so thrilled to hear that you are now offering TBYL for Assistants. What makes this programming different than the other TBYL programs you offer?

Jennifer: Having started my career at MPS as Sally McGhee’s Executive Assistant, I quickly realized that most of what we taught in Take Back Your Life (TBYL) applied to me. However, being in a reactive role, dealing with multiple stakeholders, managing high-level projects and tactical decisions, balancing what I needed to do versus keeping Sally on track with her action items all while keeping her calendar up to date – required some adaptation. It was interesting to be an assistant in a productivity company, working alongside the CEO... READ MORE

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Daryl Rinaldi - Owner

"Now that I, as the owner, am more accountable and predictable in my actions, I can expect that of my team and make that more a part of the corporate culture. Hard to inculcate those values or insist on that behavior when you don‘t model it yourself."