Teams need to be aligned around key goals, strategies, and with each other for optimal productivity. Alignment creates powerful focus and reduces distraction and conflict. We provide a proven framework to ensure your teams are aligned for success. Aligned teams achieve quicker decision making and trust, greater focus on key strategies, and an improved percentage of goals achieved. 




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What Does Alignment Provide?

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What to Expect From Our Alignment Program


Reduction in Interruptions Each Day


Decrease in Checking Work Email on Days Off


Increase in Time Spent on Strategic Initiatives Each Week


Increase in Tracking Delegated Items

What a Few of Our Clients Have to Say

“The Objective Accountability Program gives people structure to help them make decisions. The easiest thing to do is to tell them to make it happen and not help them. Many leaders don’t do the prioritization work and don’t learn how people are spending their time. If you do, they get great coaching and deliver better results.”

Christopher Stockwell, VP Chief Supply Chain Officer at Heinz

“The Objective Accountability Program has helped me see first-hand the power of a vision, alignment, and planning in driving a team of this size, managing managers, and driving change in the organization.”

Larry Clark, Microsoft

“I wanted to thank you for a great session last week.  The reviews from the team have been very positive, and I think everyone is excited to begin using our new skills.  Your energy and detail around the subject matter were very spot on. ”

Mike Angel, General Sales Manager in the Hospitality Field

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