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360° Performance Coaching teaches leaders to lead from the inside out, enabling them to be a more authentic and well-rounded leader. This program has a holistic approach to producing results, working in all areas of a leader’s personal and professional life. It connects an individual with their core mission and values, which helps them leverage their contributions as a leader at work. By reviewing and improving each area of their life: career, finance, home, well-being, leisure, relationships, and service, leaders are empowered to move to a different level of contribution at work. In other words, by taking care of themselves they are better equipped to take care of others, enabling them to lead with greater integrity, strength from a truly empowered place.
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Hear What Some Clients Have to Say About 360 Performance Coaching

“Results of these sessions exceeded my expectations. The personal consulting improved my home life so much that it allowed me to use my time-management and organizational tools at work more effectively”.

Jerry G., Fortune 500 Finance Firm

“The coaching sessions have been amazing. This isn’t just a quick fix. It is a detailed, holistic approach that creates a paradigm shift about the way that you live and work. As a result, I’ve found a significant amount of time to do the strategic thinking I need to grow my business and now have more time to spend with my family and friends.”

Annonymous, Software Firm

“I completed a journey to center of the earth; the things I saw on that journey were amazing.  I came out on the other side (and the) journey has had lasting impact.  This is a real tribute to the talent at MPS…  We were hitting the ball every time – sometimes grand slam, sometimes home run, sometimes a double. I was exploring and learning in the moment, applying the coaching material to the moment.  I always looked forward to the time.”

Vice President, Microsoft

360 Performance Coaching Results

Increase In a More Balanced Life
Higher Level of Self Awareness
Better Relationship With Staff
Improvement in Goal-Setting

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