Standard Take Back Your Life™ Group Seminar

The Take Back Your Life™ group seminar is designed for professionals and teams seeking increased productivity and work/life balance. Learn how to focus effectively on the job despite the non-stop pressure of required — but not necessarily urgent — input, decisions, and actions. Apply the concepts to your current work and walk away with a fully functional system in place for staying organized and focused on your objectives. The content is flexible to adapt to your individual work style and workload.

Productivity issues covered by the training include:

  • Assessing current objectives and challenges
  • Setting up an effective collecting system
  • Setting up an effective action system for processing e-mail, voice mail, papers, and tasks
  • Creating a total life to-do list in the Outlook TaskPad
  • Setting up an effective reference system
  • Establishing an e-mail protocol
  • Setting up a baseline calendar
  • Prioritizing and planning the week based on your objectives and priorities
  • Establishing boundaries and routines that support productivity
  • Maintaining an Integrated Management System that integrates personal and professional priorities

The Take Back Your Life! seminar focuses on the concepts that drive productivity while using Microsoft Outlook as a tool for generating an Information Management System. Therefore, our methodologies are universal to each version of Microsoft Outlook including Outlook 2010. We have created a Technical Settings guide to assist our Outlook 2010 users in applying the concepts from the course to their version of the software.

Download a PDF of the Outlook 2010 Technical Settings Guide

A pre-call is conducted prior to the one-day seminar to assess roles, objectives, and appropriate customization. The seminar takes place in a computer lab, classroom, or conference room with a combination of PCs and laptops, preferably connected to the server so participants can work real-time.

Download the complete overview (PDF)

Client Perspectives


"This course profoundly changed the way I work. During recent performance reviews, I got the same comment from several of my direct reports: 'I appreciate working with somebody who is on top of the issues and doesn’t let the details go by'"

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