Addicted To Alignment
By: Executive Consultant -  Adam Reynolds
Adam Reynolds
Many leaders want alignment in their businesses. Why? They desperately want what alignment will do for them. However, alignment is elusive. It is challenging to create and even harder to maintain, it is difficult to describe, which makes it perplexing to model when others seem to have it. We want it nonetheless. 

By: Executive Consultant -  Jennifer Wilmoth
Jennifer Wilmoth
After 12 years of living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we have decided its time to return home to our families and friends in Denver, Colorado. 

Adam Reynolds
Coaching and Mentoring have similarities, but their differences make the difference. Which one is right for you? If you are seeking support on leadership development, a mentor or a coach from inside or outside your organization are two great possible resources. Understanding the difference between the two can help you decide which one is right for you.

Jennifer Wilmoth
With the end of the year approaching and the waning daylight causing my workday to feel shorter and shorter, I find myself ensnared in the illusory trap of trying to get it all done. One might think that after living the Take Back Your Life! methodologies for nearly 15 years, I’d recognize that getting one more thing done today does not equate to one less thing to do tomorrow.

Daryl Rother
‘Practice what you preach’ is a phrase most of us are familiar with. I hear it frequently in the corporate work-space, generally with a sentiment of misalignment or frustration. Why does this misalignment occur? Often, it is because directives for working a certain way or following set rules or behaviors are not supported with programs to help employees practice and “implement” the value. Hypocrisy creeps in; the talk is not “walked.”

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Teri Costello

"I'm just amazed at how much more time I have to do the things I want to do by using this system. My first goal was to empty my e-mail inbox every day. It is so liberating to not have 5,200 e-mails staring back at me. Because it was liberating, it was a little difficult not to get back into the addiction of answering e-mails as they came in, but I forced myself to only check them every hour. Now I'm down to 3 scheduled times per day and it feels great! My second goal was to get organized in Outlook. I got my objectives ironed out and entered and tweaked my baseline calendar. I love having goals broken down to the SNA level because they seem easy to do. Plus, I get such a sense of accomplishment now that I can see the things I'm getting done each week. My next goal is to really get in the habit of using the PASS model. I'm getting better at it, now that I'm slowing down. I swear the number of e-mails I'm getting has already decreased because I'm becoming more effective with my communication. I'm so excited about the program that it's rubbing off on my co-workers. My boss and two others are signed up for a class and our director is looking into how it can be done as a group education instead of one by one. This is really life changing if you are open to it!"