Advice for Admins - Getting to Yes by Saying No
By: Executive Consultant -  Jennifer Wilmoth
Jennifer Wilmoth
During a recent Take Back Your Life one-to-one session with an executive administrator, a  common concern around managing interruptions surfaced when she said with resignation, “But I cannot not say yes.”

Coaching Vs. Mentoring - Which One Is Right For You?
By: Coaching Program Director -  Adam Reynolds
Adam Reynolds
Coaching and Mentoring have similarities, but their differences make the difference. Which one is right for you? If you are seeking support on leadership development, a mentor or a coach from inside or outside your organization are two great possible resources. Understanding the difference between the two can help you decide which one is right for you.

Jennifer Wilmoth
With the end of the year approaching and the waning daylight causing my workday to feel shorter and shorter, I find myself ensnared in the illusory trap of trying to get it all done. One might think that after living the Take Back Your Life! methodologies for nearly 15 years, I’d recognize that getting one more thing done today does not equate to one less thing to do tomorrow.

Daryl Rother
‘Practice what you preach’ is a phrase most of us are familiar with. I hear it frequently in the corporate work-space, generally with a sentiment of misalignment or frustration. Why does this misalignment occur? Often, it is because directives for working a certain way or following set rules or behaviors are not supported with programs to help employees practice and “implement” the value. Hypocrisy creeps in; the talk is not “walked.”

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Safaricom Foundation, Kenya

Sanda Ojiambo - Corporate Responsibility Manager

"Working with McGhee helped me develop a system to ensure that I am on track with what I need to do to accomplish my objectives. My weeks are well planned with activities that contribute to my objectives, and I can track these at the end of each week. It’s amazing how an eight-hour session with the consultant can yield so much in terms of enhancing productivity."